30 Days to List - Day #2 Prep the Paperwork

Day 2: Prep the paperwork:

Weather you are getting ready to list or looking to get organized, making a digital and or real folder of all of your home info is always a HUGE advantage. To start with, make a list of all updates made in the last 10 years of owing your home. This will serve as a guide as to which warranties, owners manuals for appliances and energy bills you may need to round up. Energy bills are especially important if you have made investments in spray insulation, energy saving devices or energy saving windows for your home.

If you have a copy of your homes survey, include this in your paperwork too. Sometimes surveys can be reused depending on how long it has been since yours was ordered and weather or not you made any changes to your property (fence, new garage or addition).

If you are looking to sell your property, you will want to contact a trusted real estate attorney at this point in the process. They will help you prepare a net sheet for you to give you an idea of what you will make on the sale of your home. Jacknow Realty clients have access to our DIY net sheet as well!

Do you have a home binder? If so, what types of things do you keep in it?