30 Days to List - Days 22-30 (Week 4)

Day 21: Get the carpets cleaned. Unless your carpets are brand new (haven’t seen more than one Winter), you’ll want to have them steam cleaned (or do it yourself, I like to rent the Rug Doctor from the local Jewel). You’ll be amazed at what a difference it makes.

Day 22: Don’t forget about the floors. You’ll need more than a Swiffer to get into all the corners and cracks. If your hardwood floors are scratched, there are some great products out there to make them look almost-brand-new. I like Murphy’s Oil Soap and Old English. For something a little bit more heavy duty, I like Bona Pro Hardwood Floor Refinisher.

Day 23: The walls and doors. From kids, pets and just normal wear and tear you most likely have some scuffed walls and doors. Grab a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and go to town on these. While you are getting up close and personal with your walls, take the time to take away or update some of the art work.

Day 24: The final clean. You have made it to day 24, congrats! This is a great day to bring in a professional cleaning service to really make your home shine. They will deep clean every crevice. Do not skip this step, you would be amazed what a home looks like after it has been deep cleaned by professionals!

Day 25: Make plans for the pets. We love our fur babies, but buyers may not. Make sure you remove as many signs of pets as possible. Tidy up any toys, beds and food and water bowls and try to keep them all in an inconspicuous location. If your animals need to stay home during showings, find a room to keep them in if convenient for their safety and the buyers. I am happy to take your dog for a walk during showings if you will not be around!

Day 26: Make plans for the kids and the kids stuff. See above. We love our kids as much as the next person, but buyers with and without kids do not want to see all of the kids stuff you have accumulated since you bought your home. That means getting rid of dirty diapers and diaper genies, art work and that totally broken Barbie house that you can’t bear to toss. Think of this as your chance to get rid of all of the toys that make noise permanently. Your playroom and kids bedrooms should resemble an episode of “Fixer Upper”. Keep a few bins of toys stacked in a closet to swap out with the toys that are perfectly on display so your kids can’t complain that they are bored!

Day 27: Make your house smell good. If you have pets, make sure you cleaned all fabric surfaces in your home. I have a few favorite things I like to do to keep a home smelling fresh: fresh flowers in a few rooms, a bowl of lemons in the kitchen or dining room, a Hyacinth bulb in water, diffusing citrus essential oils, lighting a soy based candle. Please do not use air fresheners like Glade. A lot of buyers find these overbearing and people tend to think you are trying to hide a smell. You can also grind a few citrus rinds in your garbage disposal.

Day 28: Get a pre-listing home inspection. You can also call in some local contractors (plumbers, electricians or a general contractor) to take a peek at everything to make sure there aren’t any surprises during a home inspection. You can either fix the problems before you list (loose handrails, crumbling steps, and non-functioning outlets are some of the biggest concerns), or we will factor the repairs into your asking price.

Day 29: Photography. When you have finished everything above, your house should be de-cluttered, cleaned and ready for its big photo debut! Our photographer takes up to 48 hrs to turnaround photos. We will give you a few days and times to choose from and our photographer will come in for about 2 hrs to work their magic. We shoot traditional MLS photos as well as lifestyle photos to showcase the best areas of your home. These images will all be given to you to share via social media with captions and links.

Day 30: The finale! You did it! Take a final walk through your house every day until it has sold to make sure it looks amazing. Counters clear, shoes picked up etc. If something distracts you, it will distract your buyers. Make sure toilet seats are down and toothpaste is rinsed out of the sink. The kitchen drain is clear of any food and there aren’t any lingering bits of breakfast on the counter.

Finally, don’t be scared! We can help you accomplish all of this on your own timeline and within your own budget. This is merely a guide on the best possible way to prep you for what today’s buyers expect. We can work with any budget and any timeline to get your home ready to go. Now give us a call so we can chat about all of the awesome things we like to do to help you sell your home!