30 Days to List - Days 15-21 (Week 3)

Day 15: Hire a REALTOR If you haven’t yet hired me, today is the day! We will need about two weeks to create your custom marketing schedule for your home. Please remember that our marketing strategies are truly unique and you will not find another local Realtor who implements the marketing strategies that we do.  An experienced listing agent will also guide you through the home preparation and staging process, so you don’t have to do it alone.

Day 16: Paint touch-ups and re-painting A fresh coat of paint truly makes your home move in ready. Remove the rainbow of colors from your walls (we are looking at you, red accent wall) and opt for very light colors. If you are looking at a color swatch with 5 colors, you should pick one of the 2 lightest ones. We are happy to give you color recommendations with the help of our design team. Make sure you check baseboards, moldings (if they are painted) and ceilings too. Stick with light colors, they bring more light into the room and make rooms seem larger.

Day 17: Make a list of all the little stuff that you’ve been avoiding repairing Faucet dripping, holes in the wall, toilet handle that needs to be jiggled to flush?Check as many off in one day as possible. There are tons of local handymen that can come and check all of these things off of your list in a day or two, ask us for some recommendations.

Day 18: Get the windows cleaned. I did this once and have never looked back. We now have ours cleaned bi-annually with our gutters. These bad boys can make the even the best home look terrible, both inside and out. Feel free to do this one on your own, especially if you have easy fold out windows. If you need a two-story ladder, please consider hiring someone to tackle this for you!

Day 19: Curb Appeal You hear this phrase on all of the HGTV shows, curb appeal is the first impression that people have of your home. Take a step back from your home and look around the block. What do you see? At a minimum, a bright green wreath and fresh doormat will immediately make your home seem more inviting. In addition, consider cleaning scuff marks, touch up any chipped paint and possibly giving your front door a fresh coat of paint in a color that fits your home (black is the currently the most appealing front door color for buyers).. Add a few containers of brightly colored seasonal plants to the steps and/or porch (we love Empowering Gardens for this). Make sure you can see the house numbers both in the day time and at night (snag a simple solar light to help with this). Pick up any debris and make sure the rest of your front lawn is neatly landscaped.

Day 20: The backyard This can be a big selling point #nexttochicago. If you are selling in the Spring/Summer, make sure to clean up the gardens, trim trees and bushes, keep the grass cut, stain the deck and clean any patio furniture and grills. If you have any perennials, it is always a great idea to sketch a quick map of what is planted where. If you use a landscaping service, it is always a nice idea to share that information with the new owners. If you are selling in the Fall/Winter do you best to make your yard look presentable. In Fall, keep up with removing fallen leaves. In the Winter, ensure all walkways are kept clear of snow. Make sure the garage and or any storage sheds are tidied up as well, as buyers will want to check out the space in here.

And PLEASE, don’t forget to pick up after your pets! Nobody wants to take a stroll through their new back yard and leave with a smelly souvenir on their shoe, or worse yet track it back through your  home.

Week 3 is over! You are more than half way done and we have saved some of the easier things for last. We are going to treat you thins week, check your front door this week for a little pop by to help you with the tasks!