30 Days to List - Day 4 Make an Extra Set of Keys

My kids have thrown them in the garbage, I have left them in the door, in the pocket of something I washed and more, I am talking about keys! If you are going to list your house or if you would like to avoid locksmith fees if your keys ever get thrown in the trash, I always suggest making one or two extra sets! You can use the old faux rock trick to store one outside somewhere, there are also a lot more advanced methods of hiding keys now (birdhouse, in your car, in secret hidden underground DIY compartments).

Jacknow Realty will always make a copy of your keys for you as well, but it is not a great idea if you only have one set! Remember to include keys for the garage, any gates on fences and any other doors that you keep locked in your home. This is also a great time to get an extra garage door clicker if you only have one. Where is the weirdest place you need a key for in your home?